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  • WANG JING & CO. was founded by managing partner Mr. Wang Jing, a shipping and insurance law practitioner since the 1980s and widely recognized as a leading expert in the field. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the partners and other members of the Firm over the years, WANG JING & CO. has successfully developed into a full-service law firm, applying and adhering to accepted international principles.

    WANG JING & CO. offers Clients a level of expertise and ethical practices proven exceptional since its very establishment. The Firm's advanced partnership-style management model encourages a vigorous team spirit and accentuates the advantages of the Firm's language proficiencies in Chinese, English, Japanese, French and Italian. The unparalleled strength of the Firm's shipping and insurance groups is complemented by professional divisions providing a full range of legal services in litigation, arbitration and non-contentious matters, including legal assistance on corporate law, banking law, investment, M&A, corporate finance, taxation, IP rights protection, and real-estate issues. WANG JING & CO. has an excellent global reputation for its dedication and effort, and received a number of international awards successively over the years.

    As of 2011, Wang Jing & Co. has over 160 staff members to provide legal services for Clients around the world, its 80 practicing attorneys, senior consultants and other professionals supported by around 80 professional staff of paralegals, translators, assistants, and secretaries.

    WANG JING & CO. has an excellent, global reputation and often receives awards for its dedication and effort. WANG JING & CO. has been recognized as the "Best Law Firm in China" by Chambers Asia and the “Most Recommended Law Firm for Maritime Work” by Asian Legal Business (ALB). Senior partners Mr. Wang Jing, Mr. Zhong Cheng, Mr. Chen Xiangyong and Mr. Zhao Shuzhou have long been recognized as top lawyers in maritime legal affairs as well as insurance and reinsurance. Moreover, in the first "China Law Awards" held by the ALB in 2004, WANG JING & CO. was nominated as the "Best Maritime Law Firm" and the "Best Guangzhou Law Firm", and won the award for the "Best Insurance Law Firm". In 2005, as well as being nominated for numerous awards, WANG JING & CO. was awarded the "Best Law Firm in Guangzhou". In 2007, at the ALB China Law Awards, WANG JING & CO. was once again named the "Best Insurance Law Firm". In 2008, WANG JING & CO. was recognized as the "Best Maritime Law Firm". In 2009, China Law & Practice awarded WANG JING & CO. the award for "Best Guangzhou Law Firm". In the award of "Asian Lawyers" in 2010, the Pacific Business Press Asian-Counsel gave WANG JING & CO. the award for "Best Shipping/Maritime Law Firm". In 2011, Wang Jing & Co. is awarded "Shipping law firm of the Year" at Chambers China Awards. In 2013, the ALB gave WANG JING & CO. the awards “China Shipping Law Firm of the Year 2013” and “Guangdong Law Firm of the Year 2013”, In 2014, Wang Jing & Co. was awarded "Guangdong Law Firm of the Year 2014" by the ALB, and also awarded “Full Service Law Firm of the Year-China” by Corporate INTL. In the same year Wang Jing & Co. was awarded "Shipping & Maritime Awards 2014 (PRC Law Firm)" presented by China Law & Practice Journal and also awarded "China Business Law Awards 2013" presented by China Business Law Journal (Aviation & shipping). These awards are greatly appreciated by the Firm and hopefully serve as acknowledgment of the enormous talent the Firm possesses and brings to each and every Client.

    WANG JING & CO. has close and extensive links with the shipping, insurance, banking, industrial and trading communities, and is supported by a network of law firms in China and abroad to further enhance its effectiveness and high quality of services. Headquartered in Guangzhou, the Firm operates branch offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Beijing and New York to provide Clients with the benefits of promptness, economic efficiency and in-depth knowledge of local conditions.

    WANG JING & CO. continuously adapts to trends in globalization and actively explores new areas while remaining fully committed to maintaining the quality of its services.

  • Awards
  • Best PRC Law Firm (2000)
  • China Insurance Law Firm (2004)
    Guangzhou Law Firm (2005)
    China Insurance Law Firm (2007)
  • China Shipping Law Firm (2008)
  • Chambers Shipping Law Firm (2011)
  • China Shipping Law Firm (2011)
  • China Shipping Law Firm (2013)
    Guangdong Law Firm (2013)
  • Shipping & Maritime
    PRC Firm of the Year 2014
  • Guangdong Law Firm(2014)
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