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  • Our International Partner Mr. Franco Fornari has successfully done two teaching days on resolution of disputes in PRC and Chinese Joint-Venture’s organization at the GMC Master organized by Macerata University.

  • DATE:2019-2-1
  • This year too, Mr. Franco Fornari – International Partner of Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm, was a lecturer at the Master on Global Management for China (GMC), organized by Macerata University (Unimc), one of the most famous Italian universities for research and study about China. The Master also, has been organized with the support and the cooperation with other prestigious Italian universities: Ca'Foscari University of Venice, "L'Orientale" University of Naples and Roma Tre University of Rome.

    The Master has involved many teachers with experience in the world of business and business-related professions in China, each one of them made their knowledge available to the students. Thanks to that, every student could integrate his own cultural linguistic education with several concepts concerning economy, law and business field. Moreover this has been a great opportunity for the students to improve their Chinese skills.

    This year the lessons have been occurred at the fabulous location of Villa Favorita, headquarters of the Italian Institute for the management of the economy and the companies Adriano Olivetti (ISTAO) in Ancona.

    Mr. Fornari, the Head of Corporate III & FDI Team at Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm, has done two lecturers on January 7th and 8th.

    Thanks to his deep specialization in Chinese law and his long experience with our law firm, Mr. Fornari was able to introduce to the students the key points of Chinese law and the main aspects of the local civil and arbitration procedure. The subjects discussed by Mr. Fornari were related to the organization and the management of Chinese Joint-Ventures, the most important principles and steps in the Chinese civil stage of proceedings, the chambers and the arbitration proceeding and last but not least the conciliation or mediation procedure, which nowadays it's still really important in China because it allows the safeguard of the relationships (or guanxi) between parties.

    All the students were so interested and passionate regarding to the lecturers so much so they have actively participated asking many interesting questions that Mr. Fornari answered with extreme professionality and proficiency.

    At the end of the two-days of lectures, the most motivated students who expressed their wish to begin an experience in the legal field, were selected for a preliminary interview and, as a result of which they are going to have the opportunity to start a period of internship/stage at Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm Guangzhou Office with Mr. Fornari's team and under his influential supervision.   


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