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  • Excellent speech at the “Freshmen into labor market 101: how to face the labor market in the right way” executed by lawyer Eloisa Hu (胡亮兼) at the Career Day organized by Italian Chamber of Commerce in China on April 11th 2019

  • DATE:2019-4-18
  • This year also, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CICC) held the Career Day at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (广东外语留大学). Through this famous event, CICC offered to young people (Italian and foreigner) the opportunity to get a face to face contact with the major companies operating in the Chinese Market.

    Attorney Eloisa Hu, member of the Corporate III & FDI team led by Mr. Franco Fornari -– International Partner at Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm-– was invited at the event to give a lecture on Chinese Labor Law. Thanks to her excellent oratorical ability, Att. Hu introduced to the participants many key topics like the employment contract, the probation period, indemnities and employment termination. Moreover, she also dealt with the working permit and working visa (Visa Z).

    All present, especially the younger ones, participated actively, participated actively, as they were particularly interested in tackling the challenges of the Labor Market in the best way. There were also questions, to which the lawyer answered in a timely and precise manner.

    “Today more than ever, in order to enter into the labor market, it is necessary to be informed about the laws and the regulations that are governing it, in order to determinate with awareness and clarity all the proposal and opportunities that will arise”. These were the words that attorney Hu chosen to conclude her speech, hoping that all the present could benefit from it.

    Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm has been honored by the invitation received and thanks again the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China. Our Law Firm looks forward to support also at next year’s Career Day young and all those people who have interests in the Chinese labor market.


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