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  • Wang Jing & Co. Attending 29th IPBA Annual Conference in Singapore -- Senior Partner Mr. Chen Xiangyong was nominated to be the Vice-Chair of IPBA Maritime Law Committee

  • DATE:2019-4-30
  • Senior Partner Mr. Chen Xiangyong and Partner Mr. Dai Yi of the Firm attended to the 29th Annual Conference of IPBA in Singapore from 25 to 27 April 2019, along with our Counsel Mr. Valentino Lucini, who practices law in Italy and Spain.

    Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was present at the opening ceremony of the Conference and delivered a speech to emphasize that Singapore, as a firm supporter of international law, had all along attached significant importance to duties under international treaties and fully abided by legal obligations thereunder. He believed that legal system was essential to a stable and constructive international order, which would also promote international finance and trade, encourage cross-border investments, and promote growth and prosperity of economics through international division of labour.

    Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) was founded in Tokyo in 1991. Headquartered in Tokyo, IPBA now has over 2,000 members from 67 countries around the world, under which 24 committees are set to engage in Cross-Border Investment, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, Insurance, International Trade, Maritime Law, Energy & Natural Resources, Banking, Finance and Securities, Intellectual Property, Aviation, Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law, Employment & Immigration Law, Environment Law, Insolvency, Tax Law, Next Generation and Women Business lawyers. IPBA aims at boosting advancement of lawyers in the Asian-Pacific region, promoting communications, exchanges and cooperation of lawyers from different countries, and lucubrating and sharing development dynamics of national laws. Our Firm has kept attending the IPBA Annual Conference since 2004. Our Founding Partner Mr. Wang Jing, Managing Partner Mr. Zhao Shuzhou and of Counsel Mr. Valentino Lucini have attended previous conferences, and have developed extensive cooperation with lawyers and legal counsels from various countries. In this regard, Mr. Valentino Lucini actively participated in the drafting of various articles for the IPBA magazine regarding new technology and the law. He was also nominated Vice-Chair of the Next Generation Committee in 2018 and participated at the 28th Annual Conference as panelist of the session on Privacy and Social Network. The 29th Annual Conference is themed on “Technology, Business and Law – Global Perspectives” and has gathered over 1,000 members, where thorough discussions were conducted among the members and distinguished guests.

    During the Conference, our Senior Partner Mr. Chen Xiangyong was nominated as the Vice-Chair of Maritime Law Committee. Mr. Chen made a speech on “Legal Impact on the Exemption of Carrier’s Liability concerning Unmanned Ships”, focusing on opportunities and challenges this emerging technology would bring to the traditional shipping industry and relevant laws and regulations. The speech drew extensive attention and was widely acclaimed by members of Maritime Law Committee. Mr. Valentino Lucini, as the Vice-Chair of the Next Generation Committee, also host a brainstorm on Legal Design Thinking to propose creative thinking and problem solving by lawyers to adapt to the international wave of technologic innovation and business development. This session was highly participated by lawyers from various countries who were called to resolve together an interesting case on mineral extraction using innovative methodology also taught in the most prestigious universities around the world, such as Stanford and Harvard. The involvement of Mr. Lucini as one of the organizers of such innovative approach shows the constant innovation and think out of the box approach that rule Wang Jing & Co. in its daily practice. In addition, our Partner Dai Yi participated in in-depth discussions convened by committees of insurance, bankruptcy, etc., and actively presented his views during discussions by the Next Generation Committee to exchange with lawyers from various nations for mutual benefits.

    Apart from participation in the Conference, Mr. Chen Xiangyong and Mr. Dai Yi also visited the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA), met our new and regular clients, as well as exchanged with professionals and lawyers from new derivative areas of shipping, aiming at expanding the Firm’s service range and orientation.

    The Annul Conference is an academic feast, where discussions centered the topics science and technology & business and law constantly sparkle with inspiration. We have harvested and benefited from the Conference and also inspired other participants with our innovative approach. By exchanges with lawyers from Europe, US/Canada, Japan/South Korea and other countries and regions of ASEAN, we have expanded our link and service network in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, we will actively respond to the call of the “One Belt, One Road” policy of China, endeavor to provide high-quality, innovative and efficient legal services. Meanwhile, on the basis of consolidating the original core business, Wang Jing & Co. will properly and stably expand services of same high quality to new clients in shipping derivatives, corporate, foreign investment in more diversity. The 30th IPBA Annual Conference will take place in Shanghai in next April. As the host, we will be furnished with opportunities to further communicate with lawyers and legal counsels all over the world.

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