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  • Partners Attended and Supported 2019 China Maritime Justice and Arbitration Summit

  • DATE:2019-6-27
  • In Response to the "One Belt One Road" initiative, China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) hosted "Seminar on International Maritime Arbitration Law and Practice" and "2019 China Maritime Justice and Arbitration Summit" in Shanghai on 21-22 June.

    With a view to build China into a great power of maritime justice, enhance China's communication and cooperation with other countries for maritime economic development, confer global authority on China's judicial system, and assist Chinese marine economic entities in their way of going global, the Summit had profound analysis and discussions on the following four topics: development of/experience in China's maritime justice in the new ear, development and practice of China maritime arbitration, interpretation and practice of highly topical issues of maritime justice and arbitration under "One Belt One Road" initiative, Chinese clients' risk control and coping strategies for disputes arising in the context of "One Belt One Road" initiative.

    The Summit got considerable support from Shanghai Government and drew special attention of relevant national authorities at various levels. Chen Yin "Vice Mayor & Standing Committee Member of Shanghai Municipal Government", Luo Dongchuan "Vice President of the Supreme People's Court", Lu Pengqi "Vice President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade", Wang Shumei "President of the Fourth Civil Tribunal of the Supreme People's Court", and Gu Chao "Secretary General of CMAC" delivered keynote speeches in the Summit.
    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Supreme People's Court and several maritime courts, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Municipal Government and related industry associations, domestically and internationally renowned commercial/maritime arbitration institutions, and a number of senior experts, scholars and industry leaders from well-known law firms, shipping companies, maritime universities at home and abroad attended the Summit.  

    The theme of the Summit is: "the Challenge, Innovation and Prospect of China Maritime Justice and Arbitration in the New Era". Twenty notable individuals in different fields gave insightful speeches. The speakers include famous international arbitrator Sir Bernard Eder, Mr. Yang Liangyi, British barrister Mr. Edward Alder, Professor Shen Sibao of the University of International Business and Economics, Professor Chu Beiping of Dalian Maritime University, Professor Guo Yu of Peking University, Professor Zhang Wenguang "Associate Researcher of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences", Dr. Chen Bo "Deputy Secretary-General of CMAC and Vice President of the CMAC Arbitration Court", Ms. Wang Wenying "Secretary General of CMAC Hong Kong Arbitration Center", famous lawyers Mr. Li Lianjun and Mr. Jin Yulai, and senior judges from the Supreme People's Court and the maritime courts.

    As an influential law firm specializing in maritime legal services in China, Wang Jing & Co. actively participated in this grand event and acted as a committed co-sponsor in supporting the Summit, which was highly praised by the host.

    Our senior partner Mr. Chen Xiangyong, representing domestic lawyers, gave a speech from the perspective of Chinese lawyers on "sharing experience in handling London arbitration for domestic clients in offshore engineering project matters". He introduced the development status of China's shipbuilding industry, analyzed the basic pattern of international arbitration, and summarized the reasons for Chinese enterprises' failure, illustrated with practical cases, in arbitration proceedings overseas. Mr. Chen Xiangyong's ideas in the speech coincided with those of Dr. Yangyuntao, vice president of the Transport and Logistics Department of China Merchants Group, who from the perspective of domestic clients gave a speech on "Thoughts and Suggestions of Enterprises on Arbitration Overseas", which attracted positive comments by Mr. Ye Hongjun, the General Counsel of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited. 

    Founding partner Mr. Wang Jing, managing partner Mr. Zhao Shuzhou, senior partner Mr. Yuan Hui and Mr. Li Rongcun, partner Ms. Li Lan and many young lawyers from Shanghai Office also attended the Summit and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with other attendees.

    Pushing forward the process of building China into a great power of international maritime justice and arbitration and earnestly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the clients is the Firm's consistently upheld philosophy and the mission and responsibility of Chinese lawyers.

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