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  • WJNCO Hosted Cocktail Reception to Mark 25th Anniversary

  • DATE:2019-12-20
  • WJNCO hosted a cocktail reception in her Guangzhou Headquarter on the afternoon of 16 December 2019 and invited attendance by our fellow colleagues from national wide branch offices as well as our friends to mark her 25th anniversary since foundation.

    After a welcoming speech by Mr. John Wang as the Firm’s Executive Managing Partner, Mr. Wang Jing, Mr. Zhong Cheng, Mr. Wang Hongyu, Ms. Fu Diyun, and some distinguished guests all had speeches to share their pleasant experiences with WJNCO in the past decades. 

    Mr. Wang Jing expressed that WJNCO were so fortune to take advantages of China’s social and economic reforms in developing her shipping legal service business, and it was based on professionalism and devotion of our lawyers and staff that we were able to successfully handled numerous typical and significant maritime cases in years and gradually built up our own brand and reputation. In retrospect of the 25 years’ extraordinary journey since founding of WJNCO as the International Department of Guangdong Maritime Law Firm, we are all proud of our achievements in the shipping and maritime legal service sector of China and firmly believe that WJNCO will have a more brilliant future.

    Mr. Chen Xiangyong, the Firm’s Director and Managing Partner, subsequently delivered the keynote speech. He first expressed sincere gratitude to Mr. Wang Jing for his great contribution and devotion in leading WJNCO to gain outstanding achievements in the past 25 years. He also sent best wishes to Mr. Zhao Shuzhou who would leave the Firm soon and further showed heartfelt respects to whoever would stay in WJNCO.    

    Mr. Chen stressed that WJNCO valued each staff member and would strive to reward diligent and industrious staff members with diversified opportunities and bright futures; WJNCO welcomed all kinds of talents from different areas and industries with international horizon to join in exploring opportunities and making progress. He further pinpointed that any self-content mindset and refusal of reforming would not avail to healthy development of the Firm and it should be grounded on wholehearted efforts made by generation after generation that the Firm could maintain continuous expansion and prosperity. Mr. Chen finally encouraged the young lawyers and staff members to keep working hard and get themselves well-prepared for undertaking greater responsibilities.

    Towards the end, Mr. Chen on behalf of the Firm presented a souvenir to our founding partner Mr. Wang Jing who would retire soon as appreciation for his contribution and to wish him joyful life after retirement, and thus brought the atmosphere to the climax.

    In retrospect of the past of WJNCO

    Old photo: Mr. Wang Jing, Ms. Fu Diyun, Ms. Yuan Xiuwei and Mr. Chen Xiangyong

    Photo at the 25th Anniversary: Mr. Wang Jing, Ms. Fu Diyun, Ms. Yuan Xiuwei and Mr. Chen Xiangyong

    Original partners: Mr. Zhao Shuzhou, Mr. Wang Jing, Mr. Zhong Cheng, and Mr. Chen Xiangyong

    Executive Managing Partner Mr. Wang Jun as host

    Founding Partner - Mr. Wang Jing

    Mr. Zhong Cheng

    Mr. Zhao Shuzhou

    Mr. Wang Hongyu

    Ms. Fu Diyun

    Managing Partner & Director - Mr. Chen Xiangyong

    Presenting souvenir by Mr. Chen Xiangyong to Mr. Wang Jing

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