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  • Wang Jing & Co. Attends Plenary Meeting and Forum of the Sub-Committee of the GDLA

  • DATE:2006-8-22
  • On 19 May 2006, the Sub-Committee on Admiralty and Maritime Law of the Guangdong Lawyers Association held a plenary meeting for all commissioners and a forum commemorating the 10th anniversary of the promulgation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Lawyers. This Firm’s managing partner and chairman of the Sub-Committee, Mr. Wang Jing, and Mr. Zhao Yong, secretary-general, attended the meeting.

    During the meeting, three dissertations from this Firm were highly appreciated, and finally put into the list of outstanding dissertations recommended to Guangdong Lawyers Association. The subjects of the three dissertations were: Perfection of Law on Marine Environmental Resources with View of Sustainable Development by Mr. Wang Darong, Harmony of Human and Nature and Protection of Marine Environment – Discussion on Regulation and Protection on Marine Environment by Public Law, Discussion on Civil Remedy for Marine Environment Tort and Marine Sustainable Development by Mr. An Shouzhi. And, in addition, the Guidelines for Handling Admiral and Maritime Cases of Guangdong Lawyers as compiled by the Sub-Commission and written by Mr. Chen Xin and Mr. An Shouzhi of our firm, which had already been published, will be jointly updated by the Sub-Commission and Wang Jing & Co. in the next half year.

    In the afternoon, the Guangzhou Maritime Court, the Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration, shipping units in Guangzhou district, and the National Lawyers Association/Sub-Committee on Maritime Law dispatched delegates to attend the meeting. After a welcome speech given by Mr. Wang Jing, a discussion evolved on three topics: the Lawyers Law and the practicing environment for maritime lawyers, professional ethics and self-discipline of maritime lawyers in practice, and hot issues relating to maritime litigation. During the forum, the issues relating to lawyers’ professional ethics, unlicensed “lawyers” and acquisition of materials from the MSA called all delegates’ attention. Finally, the forum ended in a friendly atmosphere.

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