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  • Wang Jing & Co. Partners Conference 2017 Held in Dali

  • DATE:2017-6-8
  • Between 2 June and 6 June 2017, Wang Jing & Co. Partners Conference 2017 was held near the beautiful lake Erhai in the city of Dali, Yunan Province. The Conference was presided over by Managing Partner Mr. Zhao Shuzhou. Mr. Zhao gave to all the attending partners an overview report on the Firm's work in 2016. The partners recognized the achievements the Firm made in 2016 and the positive result of the reform. The Management Committee of the Firm convened a meeting before the Partners Conference to discuss and reach consensus on the key topics.

    After more than 20 years development Wang Jing & Co. has successfully become an elite in the industry. However all the partners consider that as the legal service market in China and globally is undergoing constant changes, a law firm shall keep pace with the times so as to adapt to the market needs. In recent years Wang Jing & Co. has implemented a series of reform in areas including firm organization structure, management pattern, practice group building, echelon building, etc. These reforms will motivate more positively the staff's passion and enthusiasm so as to make Wang Jing & Co. more pioneering and constructive and serve our clients better.

    During the Partners Conference, Wang Jing & Co. completed the transition between the old director and the new director of the Firm. Mr. Zhao Shuzhou was elected new Director of the Firm. Mr. Wang Jing, as the Firm's founder, has made great contribution to the Firm's establishment and development, and is thus awarded the Firm's Lifetime Honorary Director.

    The Conference also brings about another piece of good news. Four young core lawyers, Guo Xinwei, Li Huamin, Wang Huanxu and Wang Yongli, all of whom were born in 1980’s and have worked in the Firm for ten years or more, are promoted partners at the Conference. We are pleased to see the injection of young blood to the Firm’s partner team.

    Another topic discussed at the Conference is the Firm's administrative matters. The Partners affirmed the recent progress in the administrative support and service and internal management, and also gave comments and suggestions for existing issues.

    Continuing with the past and opening up the future, the Partners Conference has plotted for the Firm a beautiful blueprint which significantly enhances our confidence in the continued development of the Firm.

    The Partners Conference 2017 was concluded successfully. We believe firmly that Wang Jing & Co., who has kept growing for more than 20 years, will continue to ride on the crest of the waves and enter another new era.

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