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  • Queen’s Counsels and Barristers of Quadrant Chambers met our Partners in Shanghai

  • DATE:2018-4-4
  • On 22 March 2018, the Queen’s Counsels (QCs) and barristers of Quadrant Chambers met our partners in Shanghai, including Lionel Persey QC, James Turner QC, Michael Nolan QC, Paul Toms, and Senior Clerk Simon Slattery. Our Senior Partner Mr. Chen Xiangyong and Partner Mr. Hu Jian, Mr. Xu Jun, Mr. Wang Jun as well as Mr. Dai Yi, Ms. Qiao Jing and Mr. Hu Changcheng warmly welcomed visitors and communicated with them regarding the business cooperation.

    Quadrant Chambers is widely recognized as one of the leading commercial set and have enjoyed a pre-eminent international reputation for practising and advising shipping and aviation law for long time. Quadrant Chambers currently comprises 67 barristers, including 25 QCs. The barristers at Quadrant have significant and acknowledged expertise in chancery and commercial litigation, as well as arbitration both in the UK and abroad. With all these excellent barristers, Quadrant Chambers have been instructed by Chinese clients several times, including important clients of our law firm. Currently, Quadrant Chambers is instructed by Wang Jing & Co to solve a construction dispute.

    During the meeting, QCs and barristers from Quadrant Chambers expressed that they have paid increasing attention to Asia market, especially China market, and hope to conduct business with Chinese lawyers and clients directly. This visit can be regarded as a confirmation to our previous analysis of the market, with the change of international economic environment, even the famous set, such as Quadrant Chambers, is also seeking to change accordingly. Meanwhile, with the advancement of “Belt and Road” policy, it is believed that the domestic clients and lawyer will have more cooperation opportunities with the foreign lawyers (including QCs).

    Wang Jing & Co law firm has accumulated a wealth of experience in foreign-related maritime and commercial arbitration as well as litigation in the last two decades. In response to the “Belt and Road” policy, we have taken a step forward in dealing with foreign-related matters to helping domestic clients handle arbitration and litigation abroad. In recent years, Wang Jing & Co has assisted our domestic clients to handle many different types of foreign litigation and arbitration, including traditional maritime cases, as well as the arbitration in Hong Kong and London regarding the offshore construction projects, commodities trading in London arbitration and equipment procurement in Sweden arbitration, etc. Currently, the QC of Quadrant Chambers was instructed by our Senior Partner Mr. Zhao Shuzhou’ s team to handle an arbitration case of nearly one billion Yuan for our important clients. Quadrant Chambers hope to cooperate with our firm in the future to provide better service to Chinese clients in relation to arbitration and litigation abroad. Through handling the foreign-related cases and daily communication, the foreign lawyers considered that we are more familiar with Chinese clients and their requirements, as well as the abroad arbitration procedure. The cooperation with foreign lawyers and the handling of cases will be the substantial advantages of Wang Jing & Co.

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