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  • Wang Jing & Co. Sponsoring Symposium on INtellectual Property Rights Protection in Europe

  • DATE:2006-9-29
  • China is one of the world's key manufacturing bases. While taking advantage of great development opportunities, Chinese enterprises are also facing fierce international competition. Relying on their superiority in technology and capital, large and small companies from developed countries in Europe and the America's deploy global intellectual property strategies to either prevent competitors from entering the market or to collect huge amounts of royalties. Over the last few years, Chinese enterprises are facing growing pressures in the international market.

    With a purpose of deepening Chinese enterprises' understanding of the intellectual property system in Europe, and taking advantage of the opening of 99th Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair), the Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association, the Chintellectual Property Foundation, in association with the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm, will invite relevant authoritative experts to hold a symposium named "Finding Your Way in European Intellectual Property" at the White Swan Hotel Guangzhou on 24 April 2006, to introduce the intellectual property system in Europe and answer relevant queries of the participants. Mr. Peng Kai, associate of this Firm, will attend the symposium and speak on "Introduction of U.S. Patent System"

    Dedicated to satisfying the clients' requirements in legal protection of intellectual property rights, the Intellectual Property Group of this Firm is manned with lawyers, patent and trademark agents with substantial experience in intellectual property legal services, and has established close cooperative relations with professional patent / trademark agencies so as to provide the clients at home and abroad with highquality services ranging from strategy to registration, and from protection to enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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