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    Pan Renrong New York City / Shanghai / Beijing US and International Transactions, Litigation and Arbitration; Aviation, Admiralty and Maritime Laws and Regulations, International Corporate Finance and Organization, Global Migration and US Immigration email
    Peter Koh Shanghai Mergers and acquisitions / corporate and joint ventures / Ship Building/Purchase/Finance / Property/Liability/Credit Insurance / dispute resolution email
    Franco Fornari Guangzhou Foreign Direct Investment / International Services email
    Kamitani Masaaki Tianjin / Beijing Foreign Direct Investment / International Services email
    Chen Guosheng Fuzhou Admiralty / Maritime / Dispute Resolutions / International Services email
    Michael Chen Guangzhou Financial email
    Zhu Yu Tianjin Admiralty / Maritime/Maritime Engineering email
    HAU Pak Sun Hong Kong Commercial Transactions Dispute Resolutions email
    Wang Yijing Shanghai Admiralty email
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