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  • Sophie LI Lan
    Practice Areas: Maritime, Admiralty, Insurance, International Trade, Shipbuilding/Ship Sale and Purchase
    Office: Xiamen

    Academic qualifications:
    Law School of Dalian Maritime University / Maritime Law / Bachelor in Law (LLB)
    Law School of Shanghai Maritime University / Maritime Law / Master in Law (LLM)

    Professional qualifications:
    2016 Licensed lawyer

    Chinese (Mandarin) and English

    Thanks to seven-year study on maritime law in Dalian Maritime University and Shanghai Maritime University, Ms. LI Lan has very solid knowledge of maritime law. She also has much experience in handling legal issues in the shipping industry. After working in a well-known Chinese maritime law firm for two years, Ms. LI Lan jjoined Wang Jing & Co. in July 2014 and has represented various domestic and international P&I Clubs, insurance companies, ship owners, trading companies, shipyards, marine engineering companies, and harbor engineering bureaus in many disputes, including but not limited to cargo damage or shortage, release of cargo without presentation of original bill of lading, recovery under marine insurance, personal injury or death of crew, compensation for damage caused by ship collision/contact, oil spill from ship, shipbuilding contracts, ship export agency agreements, terminal construction contracts, international trades regarding bulk agricultural products.

    Particularly, Ms. LI Lan has assisted in or handled many important and complicated cases, including but not limited to serials of claims against M/V “Yuriy Arshenevskiy” for cargo damage due to Typhoon Muifa in 2011, serials of claims against M/T “Jasmin Joy” for damage caused by oil spill, disputes over terminal construction contract in Kemen Project of CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., disputes over construction contract for Line 2 of Fuzhou Metro, five cases concerning overpass construction contract with Fuzhou Municipal Construction Development Company, disputes over shipbuilding contract with Xiamen C&D, two cases concerning ship expert agency agreement, disputes over right to salvage wreck and sunken cargo as a result of the sinking of M/V “Xin Dong Yuan”, and two claims against M/V “Glykofiloussa” for soybean cargo damage.

    In her spare time, Ms. LI Lan contributes to summarizing hot issues and theoretical difficulties in the practice. Since 2011, she has domestically published 39 articles in books, journals, magazines, professional forum corpuses and the media, including but not limited to: “Analysis of the legal attributes of P&I Club LOU”, “Further discussion on the legal nature and realization mode of guarantees for vessel release: NOT enforceable security”, “Limitation on cargo interest’s right to salvage in compulsory wreck removal”, “Legal Analysis on Carriers’ Delivery Obligation under Telex Release B/L”, “A new mode on realization of maritime mortgage under the Chinese law”, “A Study on Identification of Actual Carrier for Marine Cargo Transportation in Chinese Judicial Trials“, and “Insurance liability for ships sailing beyond the trade areas approved which may arise during the construction activities on Islands of South China Sea”.

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