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  • Li Huaming

  • Li Huaming
    Head of Corporate Team I
    Practice Areas: Corporation Law, Labor Law, Civil Action and Arbitration
    Office: Tianjin
    Tel.: 022-59851616

    Academic qualifications:
    2001 Heilongjiang University, Bachelor of Law

    Professional qualifications:
    2013 licensed lawyer

    Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Korean

    Mr. Li joined Wang Jing & Co. in June 2003 and provided professional legal services in terms of civil, criminal, labor, and economic law to dozens of Japanese and Korean enterprises by virtue of his high proficiency in Japanese and Korean languages.

    Mr. Li is the legal counsel for several large multinational corporations' branches in China. He is expert at dealing with labor and personnel affairs and labor disputes, and has rich experience in handling collective strikes, staff downsizing, etc.

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