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  • Wang Huanxu

  • Wang Huanxu
    Head of Corporate Team II(Tian Jin)
    Practice Areas: Corporation law, international trade, merger and acquisition
    Office: Tianjin
    Tel: +86-22-5985 1616

    Academic qualifications:
    Tianjin University of Finance & Economics, Bachelor

    Professional qualifications:
    2013 licensed lawyer

    Chinese (Mandarin) and English

    Mr. Wang joined Wang Jing & Co. in December 2005. He handled construction engineering, labor, corporation and foreign investment affairs, and provided long-term legal services to large state-owned enterprises. Mr. Wang is familiar with legal provisions and practice regarding corporate business and internal operation and management. He has rich experience in legal analysis, commercial negotiation, legal instrument preparation and review in mergers and acquisitions by foreign investors, foreign investment, and corporate operation and management. Mr. Wang is capable of rendering highly effective services in controlling corporate risks, formulating rules and regulations, coping with labor relations, and emergently responding to crisis events.

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