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  • Xu Jun
    Practice Areas: Maritime/Maritime Engineering / Admiralty / Property/Liability/Credit Insurance / Disputes Resolution
    Office:   Shanghai
    Tel.:    86 21-58878000

    Academic qualifications:
    1991 Shanghai Maritime University (LLB of maritime law)
    2003 School of Law in Southampton University (LLM of maritime law)

    Professional qualifications:
    2006 Licensed lawyer

    Chinese (Mandarin and Shanghainese) and English

    Mr. Xu received his LLB in international economic law from Shanghai Maritime University and his LLM of maritime law from the University of Southampton. Prior to joining Wang Jing & Co in 2004, Mr. Xu spent more than ten years in the shipping industry respectively with a Chinese shipping company in Shanghai and an international transport corporation, and acquired extensive experience in shipping practices.

    Mr. Xu's specialties are in dealing with the following disputes:
    -- Disputes over Charter Parties. Mr. Xu has a thorough knowledge of the procedural and substantial law of the UK, especially the law related to maritime arbitration. He is proficient in handling disputes over charter parties and has achieved notable successes for his clients in a number of related cases and arbitrations in London and Hong Kong. In particular, he won a favorable reward for M/V "Vanlee" after arbitration in Hong Kong regarding a dispute over demurrage under English law. Mr. Xu has also developed a successful practice representing clients in proceedings in the English courts/arbitration procedures (such as Freezing Injunction/Anti-suit Injunction) as well as issues of substantial law such as the dispute over the Charter Party/Bill of Lading regarding M/V "Alexandros T". With the assistance of the English barristers and solicitors as entrusted and supervised by Mr. Zhong Cheng of Wang Jing & Co., the dispute which lasted 5 five years and involved an amount over ten million US dollars was successfully concluded and reached a favorable result. Furthermore, he also advises various ship owners on matters concerning chartering business as their legal counsel.

    -- Disputes over Contract of Carriage of Goods/Bill of Lading. Mr. Xu has handled hundreds of court proceedings, arbitrations and other non-litigious matters arising out of disputes over contract of carriage of goods and bill of lading, such as the dispute over carriage of lumber by M/V "Suerte", a dispute over lien on goods carried by M/V "Maritime Dignity", and etc.

    -- Maritime Disputes. Mr. Xu has particular technical and professional expertise and experience dealing with maritime disputes and has handled and has been active in cases, such as a dispute over a ship collision where he has represented M/V "Chemroadluna", a dispute over a ship collision and contact with a terminal where he has represented M/V "Bao Qing Men", a dispute over the grounding of M/V "Sea Pegasus", and many more such cases.

    -- Disputes over Ship Building/Purchase and Sale of Ship. Mr. Xu has enlarged his practice to include disputes over building, purchase and sale of ships, and has proven himself by his excellent performance in handling the purchase and sale of M/V "Blue Seas" where English law applied. In that case, by using his legal skills and specialized knowledge in the field, he saved the client from a loss of more than three million dollars.

    In addition, Mr. Xu is an excellent negotiator and has extensive experience in litigation. He has appeared in various maritime courts in China, including Shanghai Maritime Court, Ningbo Maritime Court, Qingdao Maritime Court, Tianjin Maritime Court, Wuhan Maritime Court and Xiamen Maritime Court, and many higher people's courts. The clients and court officers have all been impressed by his outstanding performance and his superior work product.

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