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  • Jiang Guoyong

  • Jiang Guoyong
    Head of Team II, Corporate/IP Group
    Practice Areas:  Dispute Resolution / Corporate / International Trade / Real Estate / Property/Liability/Credit Insurance / Foreign Direct Investment / Intellectual Property Rights / Labor / Criminal Service
    Office:   Guangzhou
    Tel.:    86 20-83930333

    Academic qualifications:
    1988 Guangzhou Foreign Language Institute
    1995 Sun Yat-sen University
    1999 Sun Yat-sen University (Master of Laws, business law)

    Professional qualifications:
    1992 passed National Lawyer’s Qualification Admonition Exam
    1997 Licensed lawyer

    Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese) and English

    Mr. Jiang received his BA in English from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 1988 and his LLM from Zhongshan University in 1999 where he majored in economic law. He served in the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau from 1984 to 1994 and worked in a Hong Kong law firm thereafter. Mr. Jiang joined Wang Jing & Co. in 1999 and has been in charge of Team II, Corporate/IP Group since 2005. In January 2008, he became a partner in the Firm.

    Mr. Jiang has extensive experience in the areas of litigation, corporate law, contracts, property/construction, insurance, investments, intellectual property, M & A, copyright law, labor and criminal representation for foreigners. In particular, Mr. Jiang has dealt with many domestic and foreign funded projects, including golf course development, real estate/construction, factory planning and construction, power plant development, and the development of a large-scale amusement park.

    Mr. Jiang also has expertise in dealing with various claims investigations for insurance providers. He has developed a strong client base that includes insurance companies from Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and the United Stated for which he has carried out thorough investigations of life insurance claims. For example, he led a team assisting a Hong Kong life insurance company in the investigation of life insurance fraud in mainland China. As a result, he was able to prevent the fraud and the loss of millions of HK dollars. As introduced and arranged by a Hong Kong life insurance company and the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, he has been invited on a regular basis to Hong Kong to deliver speeches on life insurance investigation in mainland China to an audience of life insurance executives from Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

    Mr. Jiang has also represented and advised several Chinese and foreign clients regarding issues related to Chinese criminal law. In some cases, he has successfully had clients' sentences commuted through appeal and other clients released on bail and probation. For example, he represented a French citizen with repatriation so that he could serve his sentence in France instead of China. Mr. Jiang has also successfully assisted a foreign-invested company in handling a criminal infringement of intellectual property rights. This representation required the organization of evidence to report to the police and protecting the clients' rights throughout the criminal investigation.

    Mr. Jiang was a council member and representative of Guangzhou Lawyers' Association. Mr. Jiang is also a member of the Environment Protection Committee of Guangdong Provincial Lawyers' Association.

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