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  • Zou Zongcui

  • Zou Zongcui
    Director of Wang Jing & Co., Tianjin Branch
    Practice Areas:  Maritime/Maritime Engineering / Admiralty / International Trade /  Corporate Matters
    Office:   Tianjin
    Tel.:    86 22-5985 1616
    Academic qualifications:
    1992 Jilin University (International Law, LLB)
    1996 Beijing University (English Training Course for Senior Judges, Certificate of Completion)
    1999 University of Montreal (D.E.S.S);
    2001 China University of Political Science and Law (Master of laws);

    Professional qualifications:
    2002 Licensed lawyer

    Chinese (Mandarin) and English

    Ms. Zou received her LLB from Jilin University in 1992. Following graduation, she worked as judge of the Tianjin Maritime Court. In 1998, she participated in the China-Canada Senior Judges Training Project in Canada, which included study on western legal system at the University of Montreal and the McGill University, and she was articled at the Canadian Federal Court and the Superior Court of Quebec. In 1999, she received DESS from the University of Montreal. In 2000, Ms. Zou graduated from China University of Political Science and Law. In 2001, Ms. Zou joined Wang Jing & Co. and is a partner and the director of Tianjin Branch.

    Ms. Zou focuses her practice on matters related to maritime and admiralty cases, construction projects and international trade. She has assisted a number of large domestic and foreign shipping companies, P & I clubs, trade companies, and ports and channels construction companies in handling a variety of disputes, including disputes over carriage of goods, ship building, ship collisions, oil pollution at sea, P & I insurance, construction of ports and channels, and international sales of goods.

    Furthermore, Ms. Zou has dealt with many complicated disputes on behalf of numerous well-known large port engineering companies, channel construction companies, shipping companies, insurance companies, trade companies, foreign-invested companies from the PRC and overseas. In particular, she has handled a great number of court proceedings and arbitrations in Tianjin. She represented a large shipping company in disputes over oil pollution damage due to a ship collision, and another reputed shipping company in a dispute over cargo damage/dock possession due to a ship collision; acted for a large international company in the arbitration on dispute over international sales of goods; and, represented a large state-owned dredging company in a dispute over damage caused by delay in delivery of vessel following construction, and a state-owned port engineering company in a dispute over port construction quality.

    Ms. Zou has rich experience in dealing with the above legal disputes. In particular, she is an expert at handling lawsuits and arbitrations. Ms. Zou was appointed as an arbitrator of Tianjin Arbitration Commission in 2007 and was recognized as an outstanding lawyer by Asia Law & Practice in 2009.

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