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  • Zhong Cheng
    Senior Partner
    Practice Areas: Property/Liability/Credit Insurance, Maritime/Maritime Engineering, Admiralty, International Trade, Corporate
    Office:    Shanghai / Guangzhou
    Tel.:    86 21-58878000/ 86 20-83930333

    Academic qualifications:
    1982  Shanghai Maritime University (Navigation)
    1991  Xiamen University (Master of Laws)
    1995  Southampton University (Master of Laws)

    Professional qualifications:
    1996  Licensed lawyer
    2002  Arbitrator of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC)
    2005  Researcher of the Maritime Law Center of China University of Political Science and Law Maritme

    2003 Asialaw Leading Lawyer (PRC; Insurance & Reinsurance)
    2004 Asialaw Leading Lawyer (Insurance & Reinsurance)
    2005 Asialaw Leading Lawyer (Insurance & Reinsurance)

    Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese) and English

    Mr. Zhong received his Bachelor of Engineering from the Department of Navigation of Shanghai Maritime University in 1982 and his LLM from Xiamen University in 1991. Following graduation from Shanghai Maritime University, he served in the Tianjin Maritime Court as an assistant judge, judge and associate chief judge of the maritime division and became a chief judge of the maritime division and member to the judicial committee of the court in 1991. In 1994, Mr. Zhong received another LLM from the University of Southampton. By the end of 1995, he joined Wang Jing & Co. and is now a senior partner and the director of the Shanghai Branch.

    Mr. Zhong has substantial experience in dealing with maritime issues (including matters regarding bills of lading, charter parties and maritime accidents) and issues relating to insurance (marine and non-marine), ship finance and international trading, and has particular expertise dealing with litigation and arbitration. Based on his extensive experience obtained from hundreds of hearings of maritime cases in Tianjin Maritime Court, Mr. Zhong has over the years focused his practice on insurance matters. He has represented numbers of large domestic and foreign insurance companies and shipping companies as well as individuals in disputes over carriage of goods by sea or insurance thereof, transportation of goods through coastal shipping or insurance thereof, hull insurance, builders risk insurance, protection and indemnity insurance, seller liability insurance, rejection risk insurance, and marine insurance fraud which has drawn great attention in the international shipping and insurance industry.

    Furthermore, Mr. Zhong has also enlarged his practice and efforts to include non-marine insurance, property insurance (including liability and credit insurance), life insurance, reinsurance, development of insurance products and insurance compliance. He has successfully handled a great number of disputes over non-marine insurance for insurers across the world, such as disputes over insurance of aircrafts maintenance liability, vehicles, vehicle loan guarantees, property (fire insurance), employer’s liability, product liability, performance guarantee, etc.

    Mr. Zhong participates regularly in seminars and is often invited to be the speaker or chairman. He is also a frequent guest speaker or lecturer at universities. In addition, Mr. Zhong has published many articles on a wide range of legal topics, including contract law, maritime law and insurance law. In 2002, Mr. Zhong was admitted as an arbitrator in the China Maritime Arbitration Commission. For years, he has been consistently recognized as one of the top experts in insurance and reinsurance in China by Asia Law & Practice.

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