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  • Yang Bo
    Practice Areas:
    International Trade, International Commercial Litigation / Arbitration, Maritime & Admiralty, Insurance, Logistics, Foreign Investment, Foreign-related Commercial Dispute Resolution
    Office:  Guangzhou / Shanghai
    Tel:    020-37190931 / 020-83930333

    Academic qualifications:
    1998 - 2002 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (General Law, Bachelor of Law)
    2002 - 2005 Shanghai Maritime University (Maritime Law, Master of International Law)
    2011 - 2012 University College London (Maritime Law/International Trade Law, Master of Laws)

    Professional qualifications:
    2008 Licensed lawyer

    Chinese (Mandarin) and English

    Ms. Yang was in-house legal counsel of a digital music company under Rock Group between 2005 and 2007, dealing with contracts, intellectual property rights and corporate law affairs.

    Ms. Yang joined Wang Jing & Co. in May 2007 and became a full-time lawyer. She became a partner in 2016.

    In 2011-2012, Ms. Yang furthered her studies at University College London as a postgraduate majoring in maritime law, international trade, marine insurance, and international arbitration and received her LLM in 2012. After the study and before returning to China she was trained in Steamship — a leading UK P&I Club and in a renowned international law firm in London.

    Ms. Yang has professional knowledge of and extensive experience in the areas of international trade, foreign-related commercial dispute, international arbitration, and etc., with a particular expertise in handling complicated foreign-related commercial dispute and arbitration of disputes over international commodity trade, inclusive of litigations, arbitrations and non-litigation matters concerning import and export trade, commodity futures trading, trade financing, letter of credit, foreign exchange, tariff, and etc..

    Ms. Yang is a representative member of both The Grain And Feed Trade Association Federation (GAFTA) and the Federation of Oils, Seeds & Fats Associations Ltd (FOSFA). She has ever handled numerous disputes and arbitration cases over GAFTA and FOSFA trade contracts on behalf of large domestic and foreign grain and oil enterprises, and had unique experience in the area.
    Ms. Yang also has substantial experience in dealing with maritime and admiralty disputes, and the areas of insurance, and logistics. She has for years been retained by international P&I clubs, shipowners and insurance companies to deal with maritime and admiralty litigations and non-contentious matters of various types, inclusive of cases in relation to bill of lading, charter party, loss of or damage to goods, construction/sales/financing of ship and offshore engineering, ship insurance & reinsurance, and etc..

    Ms. Yang has rich experience in commercial areas as well, such as foreign investment, equity merger and acquisition, labor dispute, and etc.. She has for years been appointed as legal counsel by renowned domestic and international companies such as ZPMC, CMA CGM and etc..

    Ms. Yang is well-reputed in the areas of international trade and foreign-related commercial dispute. She is honored as one of the “National Top 1,000 Lawyers for Foreign-related Matters” by the Ministry of Justice, and also honored as one of “leading lawyers for foreign-related matters” both by Guangdong Bar Association and National Bar Association. She is a member of the Maritime & Admiralty Committee of Guangzhou Bar Association.

    ★ retained by Japanese and American clients to deal with a series of disputes over international bulk commodity trade, to appoint English barristers, and to pursue FOSFA London arbitration; the amounts in dispute were exceeding USD 20 million accumulatively, and winning arbitration awards were finally obtained;

    ★ retained by a domestic enterprise to deal with several disputes arising from foreign-related bulk commodity trade contracts, and to lodge lawsuits in China, with the amounts in dispute exceeding RMB50 million; winning judgments were finally obtained; 

    ★ retained by a domestic client to deal with a foreign-related trade dispute— attaching goods abroad, filing arbitration in UK, commencing commercial negotiations; a compensation amount of USD 23 million was finally recovered;

    ★ retained by a domestic client to handle a dispute on trade of palm oil – filing GAFTA arbitration and obtaining winning arbitral award; all losses were successfully recovered;

    ★ retained by a client to deal with a taxation criminal case arising from import trade of bulk commodity and successfully helped revoking the judgment of guilty of the first instance;

    ★ retained by a US company to provide legal opinions on issues concerning foreign exchange and tariff involved in trade in China – negotiating and coordinating with bank, administration of foreign exchange, and tax departments on behalf of client;

    ★ retained by a large domestic shipbuilding enterprise to deal with disputes over the construction of offshore pipe-laying vessels, involving disputes related to shipbuilding, ship delivery and ship quality, with an amount in dispute exceeding USD200 million;    

    ★ retained by a state-owned enterprise to provide legal opinions on matters related to sales, financial leasing, assignment and delivery of ships;

    ★ retained by a state-owned enterprise to deal with a litigation dispute over marine towage contract, and successfully acquired a winning judgment; the amount involved was around RMB 50 million; the case was adopted by the Supreme People's court to be included into The Typical Maritime Cases of “The Belt and Road" Judicial Theory and Practice and into the case base of www.cnlaw.net by the Ministry of Justice;

    ★ retained by a state-owned enterprise to handle disputes on bill of lading and charter party involved in transportation of bulk goods; the case involved domestic litigation, Hong Kong litigation and LMAA arbitration, with an amount in dispute exceeding USD5 million;  

    ★ retained by several large international shipping enterprises to handle disputes in relation to delivery of goods by sea arising from importing waste and obtained winning judgments; 

    ★ retained by a large international insurance company to handle insurance claim arising from ship sank, which involved ship salvage, survey, repair, insurance claim, and etc., with an amount in dispute at around RMB20 million;

    ★ retained by domestic and international large-scale shipping enterprises, insurance companies, P & I Clubs to deal with a series of maritime litigations and arbitrations cases, inclusive of disputes on bill of lading, damage to or loss of goods, charter party, collision, crew’s labor, oil pollution, and etc.;  

    ★ retained by a large foreign enterprise to deal with arbitrations and litigations over labor disputes and obtained winning rulings/judgments;  

    ★ retained by a large foreign enterprise to provide legal opinions on matters related to mass layoff of Chinese employees; 

    ★ retained by an overseas enterprise to provide full legal service on the matter of equity acquisitions in China, inclusive of preparation for materials, provision of opinions, due diligence, negotiations with acquirers, handling registration procedures and etc..

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